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Investing in Artists

A fund for emerging music entrepreneurs across Africa

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Collaboration and coaching by superstars & producers 

The Masterclass

An annual music program for mentoring independant artists

Music Industry Insiders

Provide insight to how the industry works and protecting artists' IP

Driven by Mr. Eazi

World-renowned independant Afrobeats artist and entrepreneur

Creating Music Businesses

Committed to helping artists market and grow their brand 

The ultimate masterclass for independent artists

emPawa is a 3 week masterclass for emerging, independent artists. It is run by Mr. Eazi & funded by PawaPlay. Our goal is to attract the best musical entrepreneurs from across Africa, help bring their product to the next level, and enable their music to reach a global audience.

The masterclass is an intense experience. We take artists away from their daily distractions - they live together on site - and provide access to studios, recording equipment, world-class producers, music engineers, as well as globally successful artists who serve as mentors and can collaborate with the artists.

The first emPawa Masterclass took place in Stellenbosch in February 2019. 10 Artists were selected from over 20.000 submissions. Mentors like Diplo, Raye, Kwesta, and DSK, spent time listening to the artists, providing feedback on their tracks, style, and giving them access to original beats to work off of.

During the program, other industry experts also came by to provide insights - like approaching radio hosts, dealing with labels, music contract lingo and common practices, strategies for streaming services, how to segment the market using audience insights, distribution, publishing, branding, social media, pr, and marketing.

At the end of the program, the artists present their plan for their music business.
- What they want to release
- How they will release and market it
- How much they will be able to make from different revenue streams, and
- Which markets they want to enter.

This plan decides whether they will receive an investment to turn their music into a business.

Not all artists walk away with an investment. We are not a label, we don’t sign the artists, and don’t recoup the amount invested in them. We invest in music businesses, and take equity in them. We want artists to use the investment to grow their reach and produce music, and be able to reinvest any revenue back into their businesses.

The music industry can be a daunting place for new artists, with very little information available online about how to turn music into a business, or how to navigate deals with the different industry players.

emPawa is changing that. By giving emerging African artists the best possible shot at staying independent, turning their music into a business, and helping them make it big globally.

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Go to empawaafrica.com to follow our first batch of artists, as they release tracks created during the program, and to stay updated for our next program dates.