Great gaming experiences

betPawa is a mobile gaming, and sports betting company currently live with a licence to trade in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, and Tanzania.

The company employs 200+ people globally, and is set to launch further offices and products in Africa this year - making it an exciting and unique time to join a profitable, fast-growing company.
  • Accra
    15+ Employees
  • Kampala
    25+ Employees
  • London
    10+ Employees
  • Nairobi
    40+ Employees
  • Dar es Salaam
    8+ Employees
  • Lagos
    18+ Employees
  • Lusaka
    10+ Employees
  • Tallinn
    90+ Employees

Our Strategy

Creating great experiences for sports fans means providing the best odds, reliable support, and flexible payouts. Optimised for most-used smartphones and internet conditions in our markets.

Our proprietary platform is created to provide the best experience on Africa specific smartphones. Launched in 2013, betPawa later acquired tech platform Alien Gain, whose founders have over 30 years experience in sports betting software.

Today, betPawa owns 100% of its betting platform and does in-house development on all aspects of the product. This includes events creation, odds-setting, live-odds, resulting, settlement, local integration, client accounting, front-end, data management and more.  

The key to responsible gaming is legal sports betting markets. Illegal betting markets generate a ripple effect of criminal activity, as the proceeds go towards financing other illegal activities. Fans who bet in these markets are therefore exposed to operators who are not trustworthy, and in the worst cases, dangerous.

To learn more, write to request white papers with examples of tax, policy, and legislation from various jurisdictions. We work towards safe and regulated sports betting markets, contributing to the development of best practice policy and legislation, by:

  1. Exposing regulators to an industry perspective 
  2. Gathering and sharing data so policy makers can learn from each other and make better decisions  
  3. Helping the legislature create frameworks that are generating the right tax from gaming, without harming the competitiveness of licensed companies.
  4. Discouraging policies that create incentives for consumers to use non-licenced and illegal operators

Following your favourite sports team, understanding teams’ relative strengths, and being able to predict an outcome is a fan’s most thrilling sports experience. Like with any thrill, there is the potential to get carried away. 

We want to be a part of great gaming and entertainment experiences, so it’s important that the fans' experience stays great, and is a means to enjoy the sport, without becoming compulsive.  

We are committed to fostering great gaming experiences, by ensuring that:

  1. Users don’t bet more than they have. We have no minimum stake, the important thing is that fans enjoy the game and can enhance their sports spectator experience, not how much they bet
  2. Our product is not used by minors
  3. Users receive guidance on how to maintain a positive experience
  4. There are simple and straightforward ways to limit activity, and if necessary, to facilitate self-imposed lock-out periods
  5. Reminding users of early warning signs and indicators that their activities are becoming compulsive
  6. Our staff is always available to help customers who are experiencing compulsive and addictive behaviour

Join the world's fastest growing consumer market opportunity.

betPawa is massively profitable and growing fast. If you want to work on highly scalable consumer facing products, optimised for emerging markets, check out our job openings.